First Meteor Shower Of 2019!

The Quandrantid meteor shower peaks tonight

Anne Robards
January 03, 2019 - 1:08 pm

Look up at the sky this evening. You could witness something spectacular: The Quandrantid meteor shower happens tonight!

With no moon in the sky, we'll stand a good chance to see it between midnight and dawn. 

Rain and cloudy skies could, however,  put a damper on the visibility of the Quandrantid shower... but with a good telescope we could be in for quite a show!

According to NASA, the Quadrantid meteor shower is one of the best annual shows in the nighttime sky.

If you live near city lights, you may want to drive to a less-urban area. If you find an spot unaffected by light pollution, meteors could be visible every couple of minutes from late evening until dawn.

Find an open area with a wide view of the sky, and don't forget to bundle up!  Make sure you have a chair or blanket so you can look straight up without killing your neck. And give your eyes about 20 to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness --( without looking at your phone )-- so the Quandrantid meteors are easier to spot.

Expect to see about 80 meteors per hour, but there could be as many as 200.

The Quadrantids are known for bright, colorful fireball meteors because of the large particles of an asteroid interacting with our atmosphere.

The website can give you the best time to check out the meteor shower here in the Upstate.

Cosmic, man!


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