Flood Recovery Funds Trickle In

HUD red tape the reason

South Carolina Radio Network
January 21, 2019 - 1:39 pm

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It’s been over three years since the devastating rains ravaged parts of the state and since then South Carolina been hit by few hurricanes.


Sen. Tom Alexander. SCETV image.

The Joint Bond Review Committee recently heard an update from state Sen. Tom Alexander, R- Oconee, on the federal money for recovery. “The disaster recovery office is following HUD regulations and the directives of the executive order and its steering committee. Its focus has been on directing funding for housing recovery for low to moderate income residents.”

“HUD restricts the use of the majority of these funds. Generally, about 70 percent to low to moderate income residents in the counties that were hardest hit by the storms,” said Alexander.

Alexander said that the disaster recovery office has a good record of making sure the money has been going to where it is needed. “They have also done well on two HUD audits.”

“We found that the program was being administered as set up in the executive orders. That funding was being made properly once it was in place and all the regulatory hurdles had been cleared. And that’s another part, you know dealing with the federal government they’ve got their hurdles that we had to comply with. And again, it’s being done in a very timely manner,” said Alexander.

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