Florence: Power All Back By Sept 26

Duke says most back sooner

Ken Pauli
September 18, 2018 - 9:59 am
Hurricane Florence power outages Lumberton, NC



Although power outages from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence did not have major effects here in the Upstate, there are still issues in areas harded hit along the coast.  Duke Energy says they expect to restore power to most North and South Carolina customers impacted by Florence by Wednesday, September 26 at 11:45pm, but the company says the vast majority will be restored sooner.

“We’re doing everything we can to safely restore power to every customer as quickly as conditions allow,” said Duke Energy incident commander Howard Fowler. 

Flooding in NC and SC preventing some power restoration
Image: Duke Energy

Duke officials say they send customers information via text message with restoration times, when available.  The estimated times apply to customers whose homes and businesses did not experience flooding or other damage that might prevent electrical service restoration.  Many of the remaining impacted customers are located in largely inaccessible coastal areas that experienced historic flooding, multiple road closures and significant structural damage.  Customers in these areas might require repairs by a licensed electrician and/or inspection by local officials before electric service can be restored.

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