Fraternity and Sorority Suspensions

At Clemson University

Evan Smith
June 17, 2019 - 4:28 pm

Multiple sororities and fraternities have been suspended from Clemson’s campus in recent years.

The revelation dates back to 2014, when Clemson student Tucker Hipps died in an alleged hazing incident.

The Tucker Hipps Transparency Act, passed through the South Carolina legislature in memory of Hipps, has since required public universities in the state to report conduct-code violation by student organizations.

Since that time, Clemson has reported 55 different incidents dating back to November of 2012.

These violations include alcohol at social events and hazing. Punishments have included reprimands, suspensions, and permanent revocations from campus.

Ten fraternities and sororities have been suspended from Clemson’s campus in that time, with one organization, Sigma Chi, earning a permanent ban.

The most recent organization to be suspended is the Tiger Brotherhood, which boasts alumni such as Representative Gary Clary, who actually co-sponsored the Tucker Hipps Transparency Act.

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