Gas Leak at an Upstate Elementary

Fire Department on Scene

Seth Stokes
September 22, 2017 - 9:37 am

From Greenville County Schools Spokesperson, Beth Brotherton:

At 6:15 this morning a custodian at Crestview Elementary noticed a gas odor coming from the school cafeteria.  Administration was alerted and the fire department and gas company were called. 

Fire crews detected an elevated level of gas coming from the kitchen.  Gas was shut off to the building and windows were opened to allow fresh air inside. 

At around 7:45 the fire department gave them the “all clear” to let staff into the building.  Just before 8:00 they began allowing buses to unload and car riding students to enter the building.

The gas will remain turned off while maintenance crews from Greenville County Schools work with the gas company to check every valve and determine the cause of the leak and get it repaired.

Breakfast and lunch will be delivered because the kitchen appliances are powered by gas.

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