GCSO Accreditation

State and National Accreditation

Lee Rogers
March 06, 2019 - 10:19 am



This past week, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office received their 4th consecutive State Accreditation from the South Carolina Police Accreditation Coalition, which recognizes accredited law enforcement agencies within the State of South Carolina.

As part of the accreditation process, the Sheriff’s Office, who is one of 17 agencies within the state to hold both a State and National accreditation, is required to abide by 430 standards set forth by the coalition.

The assessment is completed every 3 years and since claiming their first state accreditation in 2010, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office has fulfilled these standards for each consecutive assessment.

In regards to receiving the accreditation, Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown had this to say, “Accreditation is an achievement that rings dear to my heart ever since becoming the first Nationally Accredited Sheriff’s Office in the State of South Carolina back in 1988.  The standards set forth by both the State Accreditation Coalition and CALEA, are standards that are considered best practice for our deputies to best serve our community and ones that we take pride in fulfilling. We are simply honored.”

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