Girl Scout Cookie Kindness

Man Buys All of Troop's Cookies

Evan Smith
February 25, 2019 - 3:07 pm


The girl scouts of Troop 1574 were out late outside a Mauldin Bi-Lo store on Friday, when a man came up and asked about buying some cookies. 

According to a post on Facebook made by Kayla Dillard, who manages cookie sales for the Girl Scout troop, the man started off buying seven boxes, handing the girls $40 but telling them to keep the change.

Then, shortly thereafter, the man came back to the table and told the girls, “Just pack up all your cookies.”

He then explained that he wanted to purchase all the remaining cookies so that the girls could get out of the cold.

The total price?

$540 dollars-worth of Girl Scout cookies.

Calling the man, “an amazing soul,” Dillard’s post has racked up thousands of shares online.

And now the man will have enough cookies to last – well, at least a few days, right?  

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