The Giving Spirit is Alive in Simpsonville

Free Meals for the Homeless

Seth Stokes
April 07, 2017 - 9:28 am

In Simpsonville, SC, the spirit of giving appears to be alive and well; at least for one restaurant. Zamorah’s, a meat and three restaurant, has a sign in it’s front window that states “If you are homeless come on in and eat a hot meal on us”. I asked the manager, Gloria, how this came about.


“We just felt like we needed to give back to the community, you know. One day, Rob, who’s the main owner, he came in and started making a sign and said we are going to feed the homeless.”


Gloria says that they have been giving free meals to the homeless for free for over a year and that they just wanted to “give back” to a community that has supported them. 

Since Simpsonville does not have a homeless shelter, the amount of homeless walk-ins, Gloria said, are usually “one or two” per day when it’s nice out. She told me that the hospitality inside the restaurant does not stop at just the homeless population, though. Gloria told me of several instances where patrons were unable to pay the full cost of their bill and other customers picked up the tab for them.


Customers paying for each other is only one of the ways that the community supports Zamorah’s.


“People come by all the time and make donations…..we’ve even had people from different states send us money because they had seen us on the news.”


It is really nice to see the giving spirit thriving in the Simpsonville community. If you want to stop in and have a meal, Zamorah’s, they are located at 106 NE Main St, Simpsonville, SC 29681. You will not only get a good meal but you will also be supporting a charitable organization.

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