The Governor Vetoed On Federal Funds

McMaster urges responsibility with money

Patrick Gentry
October 04, 2018 - 11:56 am

The South Carolina Legislature has restored money to the state budget to help pay for damage from disasters several years ago.

The House and Senate both voted in a special session to override Gov. Henry McMaster's veto of millions of dollars to help more than 20 counties with expenses, mostly from a destructive 2014 ice storm and Hurricane Irma passing west of the state in 2017.

McMaster said he vetoed the money because it included $500,000 to nonprofits helping repair homes damaged in the massive floods in 2015 but the governor told me he wants to make sure that any federal money the state receives is used responsibly.

Lawmakers say that was shortsighted, especially with more expenses coming with the flooding from Hurricane Florence.

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