Greenville Couple Sues Trump

Over LGBT discrimination

Evan Smith
May 30, 2019 - 2:57 pm
Greenville couple Eden Rogers & Brandy Welch sue HHS and SC for dicriminating against same-sex foster parents

Image: JOSH MORGAN/Staff/imagn


A federal lawsuit filed by a Greenville couple takes aim at the Trump administration, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and the state Department of Social Services.

The married lesbian couple are suing over the religious exemption granted to Miracle Hill Ministries.

That exemption, which was requested by McMaster and granted by the Trump Administration’s US Department of Health and Human Services, allowed the organization to continue receiving federal and state funds while maintaining its policy of not fostering children to LGBT couples or couples who don’t agree with its statement of faith.  

The couple filing the suit, 33-year-old Eden Rogers and 40-year-old Brandy Welch, who are both members of the Unitarian Universalist Church, have been married for three years and have two daughters, aged 7 and 10.

They said their application to foster children through Miracle Hill was rejected because of their religious and sexual orientation.  

Calling the rejection “hurtful” and “insulting,” the couple said Miracle Hill’s exclusivity deprives foster children of a nurturing, supportive home.

Miracle Hill received about $600,000 in funds from the state Department of Social Services.

McMaster said through a spokesperson that the religious exemption did not impact children finding foster homes and that it was a matter of religious freedom.

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