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Greenville Man Sues "Live PD"

Also suing A&E and GVL Sheriff

May 06, 2019 - 4:08 pm

A Greenville man is suing the producers of the TV show "Live PD," which airs on the cable network, A&E, saying that his arrest, which aired live on the program was racially motivated.  He's also suing the network, which he says continues to air reruns of his arrest, even though his case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.  The Greenville County Sheriff's Office is also named in that lawsuit.

If you're not familiar with "Live PD," it is a live television show where cameras follow around law enforcement officer from around the country during their nighttime patrols.  Some of the encounters are broadcast live.  Some of those officers are deputies are with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.

In his lawsuit, Frederick West claims that GCSO deputies searched him and his friends hoping to find contraband.  The deputies, according to the lawsuit, found nothing and began searching nearby areas where they found illegal drugs hidden in a nearby bush.  West was arrested on live television and charged with trafficking cocaine.  The lawsuit says the charge was dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence. 

West says the network continues to air re-runs of the show, including his arrested and that has caused him ongoing pain and suffering and has tarnished his character.  He claims he was targeted because of his race.

The lawsuit is asking for actual and punitive damages, the amount to be determined by a jury.


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