Greenville Police Issue New Scam Warning

Be careful using credit/debit cards in gas pumps

Patrick Gentry
June 21, 2018 - 1:01 pm

According to Greenville Police, card skimmers have popped up at several gas stations and ATM’s in the area and investigators believe a skimming ring is to blame.

Investigators with Greenville Police Department say that more than 150 victims have come forward in the past month.

Police say they've been receiving calls from gas station employees who found the devices, as well as banks which have reported dozens of people having their credit or debit card information stolen.

One local bank reported about $21 thousand dollars withdrawn illegally from their customers.

Police believe it's an organized skimming ring passing through the city skimming card data from gas pumps throughought Greenville.  

Officers say often times fake numbers are placed on top of real ones on ATM’s and gas pumps, so when people type on them, the information is collected and stored.

Police explained if the number keys appear loose, be suspicious. Other devices include small cameras that watch a person type-in card information from above, like pin numbers. 

Greenville Police attribute to at least one arrest being made directly linking an individual to the credit card skimming ring.


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