Greenville Schools Watch Michael Closely

Some schools closed

Patrick Gentry
October 10, 2018 - 3:32 pm

Greenville County School Spokesperson Beth Brotherton said in a statement the district is taking the threat of Hurricane Michael seriously but as of now there are no changes to school activities or after school events planned for this evening.

Some districts that will be closed are as follows:

Abbeville County Schools Closed Thursday
Elbert County Schools Closed Thursday
Greenwood Co. Schools Dist. 50 Closed Thursday
Greenwood Co. Schools Dist. 52 Closed Thursday
Hart County Schools Closed Thursday
Laurens Co. Schools Dist. 55 Closed Thursday No after-school events today
Laurens Co. Schools Dist. 56 Closed Thursday No athletic games today
Newberry County Schools Closed Thursday
Union County Schools Closed Thursday
Ware Shoals Schools Dist. 51 Closed Thursday

Other counties are reportedly still monitoring conditions.

Brotherton went on to add that officials will assess forecasted wind speeds later this evening to determine whether bus transportation could be impacted tomorrow as the state recommends that buses not operate in thirty mile per hour sustained winds.

School will only be cancelled if it appears the wind will be a problem during the hours the buses transport students.


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