Grocery Stores Prepare

For Sunday's Big Game

Evan Smith
January 31, 2019 - 3:10 pm

These days if you want to ask to record an interview with a grocery store manager about what they’re doing to prep for Sunday’s big game, they’ll give you the number of their corporate PR person based out of New York City.

Which is smart, I guess, since everyone’s afraid of saying something that’ll get them in trouble on social media. But if you call in and ask as a customer who is, say, concerned about crowds and when to shop, they’ll be forthright and tell you not to worry.

All over the upstate, grocery stores have been prepping in a big way: stocking up on your essentials like tortilla chips, wings, pizza, cheese, and tons of avocados for guac.

And of course lots of beer, too.

Although that’s not the case for elsewhere in the country, where the polar vortex has forced logistics companies to halt shipments of beer for fear they would freeze and explode in the trucks, and many grocery stores across the Midwest will be short on beer and other food staples for the big game.

Here, though, all you procrastinators should be fine stocking up even just a few hours before kickoff.  

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