GVL Schools: Yes, Classes Friday

No events after 7pm Friday

Ken Pauli
September 13, 2018 - 4:43 pm

Greenville County Schools officials continue to track Hurricane Florence.  At this time, they say there is nothing in current forecasts that would cause school to be cancelled on Friday.  School officials say, as always, parents who have concerns about the safety of their children have the authority to keep them at home. The absence would be unexcused but students would be allowed to make up missed work.

The following schedule changes are still in effect with Greenville County Schools:

  • All varsity athletic events will be held tonight (Thursday)
  • After-school and evening events planned for tomorrow will be permitted, but must conclude by 7pm.
  • Weekend events are cancelled.

State regulations prohibit the operation of school buses with 30mph sustained winds and/or 45mph gusting winds. The forecast for tomorrow calls for wind speeds of 8-10mph and gusts up to 20mph.  Greenville County School officials say they will be monitoring wind and other weather conditions overnight and through tomorrow in case the storm track, intensity, or speed differs significantly from the forecast.

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