Gym Car Break-ins

Thieves target gym parking lots

Evan Smith
February 01, 2019 - 3:04 pm

Over the past few weeks the Greenville County Sheriff’s office has received a number of cases regarding property stolen out of vehicles – specifically, stolen from vehicles parked outside fitness centers, such as gyms or workout studios.

Lt. Ryan Flood, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, said thieves primarily target cars parked outside gyms because they know the owner of the vehicle will be occupied inside, giving them time to break in and steal any belongings.

Flood says there are simple ways to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

“We just want to take a moment to remind people, before we have another victim, to secure your valuable items inside the gym with you,” Flood said in a statement posted to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Most gyms will have lockers whereby people can store and secure their belongings.

Or, Flood suggested, simply store them in the trunk of your car.

“I know often times people who are going particularly in the morning or evening hours will be coming to or from work might have valuable items with you,” Flood said. “Just make sure you’re doing your part to secure those items so we don’t have any more victims.”

And lastly, if you see anyone suspicious, call the Sheriff’s Office at 864-271-5210.

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