Hepatitis A Spreading Through S.C.

Primarily Aiken County

Patrick Gentry
May 15, 2019 - 11:09 am

What began as a spike in reported hepatitis A cases in Aiken County has now spread to other parts of South Carolina, prompting public health officials to declare a statewide outbreak.

Since Nov. 1, South Carolina has recorded 86 reported cases of the contagious disease. State Epidemiologist Linda Bell said Monday that's more than four times what state officials normally expect to see. Bell says most cases have occurred in Aiken County, and almost half of all cases involve individuals who reported drug use.

Bell says the general population needn't be overly concerned but she says it's important to focus on prevention.

The State reports the Department of Health and Environmental Control is offering no-cost vaccines to high risk groups including drug users, homeless, formerly incarcerated and sexually-active gay men.

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