High Speed Rail

Sir Richard Branson in the Carolinas

Evan Smith
December 11, 2018 - 4:59 pm

Sir Richard Branson, the full-head-of-hair 68 year old English billionaire behind Virgin Airlines, has made intimations that Carolina residents might soon see a high speed interstate commuter rail stretching from Charlotte to Atlanta. 

What makes us so sure?  

Well, last week, Florida based train company Brightline announced it would be rebranded as Virgin Trains USA, and that it would soon become a publicly traded company.

The company announced that it would connect major commerce hubs in a filing with the SEC.

The partnership between Brightline and Virgin is the best signal yet that high speed commuter rails will be coming to the area.

From Charlotte, you’ll be able to get to Atlanta in under two hours. By car, that would take four and a half to five hours.

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