Ill Treatment Of Animals

Man moves, left pups behind

Lee Rogers
July 06, 2018 - 7:43 am

Clemson City Police received a call from a new home owner concerning animals that had been left behind on the day they took possession of the property – July 4, 2018.  Officers arrived to find that 17 total pups had been left at the residence with no water or food.

Six of the animals were within outside kennels; while a total of 11 were within kennels inside a storage building stacked on top of each other.  The majority of the kennels had puppies living in the kennels while covered with feces and other animal waste.

The Pickens County Animal Control Unit was notified to come and take possession of all the animals.  The animals were taken to the Pickens County Animal Shelter where the shelter director and volunteers bathed and gave them immediate care.

The investigation revealed the previous property owner was the owner of the animals and had moved to Gray Court, SC.  The animal owner was supposed to come and retrieve the dogs but had not and when the new property owner went to check they found the animals and their current condition which prompted them to notify law enforcement.

Frederick Harrison Towe, 48 of Gray Court, SC has been charged with Ill Treatment of Animals.  Towe is currently being held at the Clemson City Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

Clemson City Police Dept.
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