Investigation Into Human Remains Found

Found in Seneca

Patrick Gentry
June 19, 2019 - 5:13 pm

On Monday afternoon, June 17th, Seneca Police Department personnel responded to 110 Asbury Drive in Seneca to the report of anatomical material found in the yard at this address. 

The Oconee County Coroner Office was called to the incident location; on exam this material appeared to be consistent with being human. 

These remains were examined by a forensic pathologist and forensic anthropologist on Tuesday afternoon at the Oconee County Coroner Office.  The examination confirmed the remains discovered are those of a female. 

The remains found on Monday afternoon were the right pelvic bone and right femur. 

Preliminary studies have indicated these remains are those of a Caucasian female; death of this individual most likely occurred within the last few months up to approximately one year. 

This individual has a height estimated to be 5’ 1” up to 5’ 7”; the estimate age range is 25 to 45 years.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 19th, additional skeletal remains were recovered in a nearby creek close to the Asbury Drive address.

Additional examinations and studies on these remains will be performed as soon as possible.   

A specimen will be submitted to the SLED laboratory in an attempt to collect DNA to be used for identification and to compare to known missing persons, including the two recently reported missing women from Oconee County. 

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