Laura Trump on Bobby Mac

Speaks about Kirstjen Nielsen Ousting

Evan Smith
April 08, 2019 - 4:59 pm

Laura Trump spoke with our own Bob McLane about her father in law’s decision to oust Homeland Security Director.

In the midst of intense scrutiny from mainstream media outlets following the ousting of Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielson, President Trump’s daughter-in-law Laura Trump told Bobby Mac that members of the administration being removed is not a sign of chaos, as media outlets have characterized it, but rather a sign of efficiency and accountability.

“Well you have to remember his history,” Laura Trump explained of her father-in-law. “He hasn’t been a politician his whole life, like most of our previous presidents had been, and so as a businessman, if something isn’t working in your business, you want the best person for the job. And whether it's something on their end or your end, or if it’s just not working out for everybody, you make the change and you move on. And I think that’s the way he operates."

"Quite frankly, for the most part, it is working very well for this country," she added.

For the full interview, head to Bobby Mac on our show’s tab.

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