Lawmakers and Physicians Reaffirm Efforts

On Repealing Certificate of Need Law

Patrick Gentry
February 26, 2019 - 12:43 pm

South Carolina lawmakers and physicians are reaffirming their efforts to repeal the Certificate of Need law.

It requires a state agency, the Department of Health and Environmental Control, to regulate whether hospitals can expand, new health facilities can be built and whether expensive medical equipment can be purchased.

According to DHEC's website, the law's purpose was to promote cost containment, duplication of health facilities and services and ensure high quality services to the public. However, some lawmakers and physicians say it falls short of that promise.

Co-sponsor of the bill Rep. Nancy Mace said the proposed legislation would repeal the state's statute which would allow the market to determine health services needed.

There have been unsuccessful efforts in the Legislature for a decade to either eliminate or severely restrict the progra

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