Liberty Bridge to Close

Maintenance schedule change

Ken Pauli
July 05, 2018 - 10:46 am
Liberty Bridge at Falls Park

48 days.  That’s how long the City of Greenville says it should take to repaint the Liberty Bridge at Falls Park.  This is the first time since its construction that major work will be done on the City’s iconic structure.

Maintenance actually began back in February.  Technicians had to clean, re-grease and seal the abutments that hold the steel support cables.  The bridge remained open the entire time. 

The next phase was supposed to begin on July 23rd, but is now being delayed.  The engineering firm hired by the city to monitor the project is working with the contractor to enhance the environmental plan so it won't affect Falls Park.

Over the summer, the bridge is expected to close for about 2 and a half weeks so they can paint and work on the deck of the bridge.  It’s all to prevent rust which could lead to structural issues down the road.  The closure was supposed to begin on August 4th but is also being delayed.

The city is working closely on getting dates to not interfere with holidays and festivals which are held in Falls Park.  

This is the first time the Liberty Bridge has been painted since its construction.  

When the city confirms the new closure date, we'll be sure to publish it for you.

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