Local Business Raided by Secret Service

Selling Stolen Inventory

Seth Stokes
January 18, 2018 - 2:06 pm

From the Greenville Co. Sheriff's Office:

"The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the United States Secret Service conducted a search warrant at ReBoot, located at 1386 North Pleasantubrg Drive. Several stolen items were located and recovered during the course of the search. Most of the stolen items came from shoplifters who were victimizing corporations throughout, not only Greenville County, but the upstate as a whole. The elimination of a criminal fencing operation as such, has a very direct and immediate impact on the volume of property crimes for the areas victimized. As the investigation continues, both the U.S.S.S and the GCSO will work united in an attempt to identify any further suspects involved." 

Reboot, a local business on North Pleasantburg Dr., was raided by Secret Service and deputies Wednesday morning.

A spokesman for the Secret Service says that the store sold over 1 million dollars in goods that were stolen from big box stores. The items were sold on Craigslist, Ebay, and in store to local shoppers. 

The items, which included power tools, vacuum cleaners, etc,  were taken from stores in both North and South Carolina, as well as Georgia. 

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office and the Secret Service have been working on the case for six months. 

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