Looking For Pre-Eclipse Fun?

Roper Mountain Science Center Is The Place To Be This Weekend

Patrick Gentry
August 17, 2017 - 5:11 pm
106.3 WORD - Patrick Gentry

Continuing our coverage on the Great American Eclipse, Patrick Gentry continued his conversation with Michael Weeks, Director of the Roper Mountain Science Center about pre-eclipse festivities over the weekend.

Weekend Eclipse Extravaganza - Patrick Gentry with Michael Weeks




Maybe you're like me and you'll be stuck indoors for the Great American Eclipse, but as I found out from Michael Weeks director of the Roper Mountain Science Center; my family and I can still enjoy the eclipse - even a little early.

Michael: We have a full slate of activities Saturday and Sunday we still have tickets for our Eclipse Extravaganza so this is get you ready for the big day on Monday -  lots of hands-on activities with families and students and kids and adults alike who will enjoy not only learning about the Sun and the Moon and what's happening with the eclipse, but also getting a chance to do some hands-on fun things such as working with solar beads solar paper learning about the different phases of the eclipse, and what to look for on Monday.

Patrick: I'm sure you'll be hosting planetarium shows, right?

Michael: We will be running shows every hour course the main feature show will be eclipsed the sun revealed show but in addition will probably have a showing of the solar storms which has to do with the sun and a lot of good information it's actually narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch which is kind of fun.

Patrick: What are the hours and are tickets to available?

Michael: Saturday and Sunday we are open from 10 to 5, once we sell out of tickets we will have to close the gate but provided we still have tickets and space we're open from 10 to 5 we just ask that anybody arrive before 3. If you want to be guaranteed entry go ahead to our website Roper Mountain.org and pre purchase your ticket there tickets are $10 and if your Science Center member you get a half price discount for so they're only $5 for Science Center members.

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