Lucky Clemson Baby

Born during halftime of championship

Evan Smith
January 09, 2019 - 3:17 pm

You know how it goes during a football game, especially one as important as the national championship: if you want to be distracting, wait until halftime.

Well, that’s exactly what newborn infant Nora Kallin did with regard to her parents Jeff and Jill Kallin during Monday’s game.

Both the Kallin parents are Clemson graduates. Jill sometimes assists in the ticket office during games, and Jeff is the director of creative solutions for the athletic department.

So they definitely wanted to watch the big game, but when Jill, who was nine months pregnant, began to have contractions, they knew it was time to get to hospital.

To help her relax, Jill watched the first quarter of the game, and the baby was born by C section during halftime.

Jill was able to catch the last quarter and the following celebrations in bed, and the baby is doing just fine.

Said the new parents: “Kallin babies bring national championships.”

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