Mac'n'Cheese Sweeps the Upstate

Chick-fil-A rolls out new side

Emily Gill
August 19, 2019 - 9:18 am

Getty Images


Chick-fil-A was recently ranked the nation's favorite fast food restaurant for the fourth year running; it's no secret the Upstate would agree heartily with this result. 

Now, there's a new reason for Chick-fil-A lovers to go out to eat: mac'n'cheese.

The new side was launched earlier in August and is the first permanent side addition since 2016.

For Susan and her grandson Ethan, the addition of mac'n'cheese made trips to Chick-fil-A even better.

"He is a mac'n'cheese lover, not a chicken lover.  I looked it up online before I got here and I'm like 'That is for him,'" Susan said.

"It's perfect for me; I don't know how to describe it for other people.  It's the whole package," another fan said.

For Carter Gilmer, the new menu item was a surprise.

"There's different things you can do with chicken, but then they threw us a loop, kind of threw some macaroni in there," Gilmer said.

Mac'n'cheese is now available at Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide.

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