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When A Loved One Dies

Anne Robards
March 19, 2019 - 5:45 am

As I sit across the table from Lisa Mincey I immediately notice her serenity and the peace that surrounds her.  It's hard to believe that just three years ago this woman lost her oldest son, Andrew, to an accidental drug overdose.

Andrew was living in Florida and working as a valet as he tried to decide what direction he wanted his young life to take when he took what he thought was a Xanax to relax.  The Xanax ended up having been illegally laced with Fantanyl and Andrew died.

That was on Easter Sunday three years ago.

Lisa and her husband Mark got the call from Andrew's girlfriend.  She was asking what happened to Andrew... that some friends on FaceBook were posting things like, "RIP, Drew".  Lisa logged on to Andrew's FaceBook page and, sure enough, it was all there. 

The call from the cops just solidified the news.

It's a horrible story:  The stuff of nightmares.  Only, for too many families, the nightmares come true.

Please listen to Lisa's story.  We all should. 

Andrew Mincey


- Lisa and her husband Mark now work as recovery coaches for GRASP which stands for Grief Recovery After Substance Passing – Contect them through their website if you need help adjusting.

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