McMaster Discusses Vetoes

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Seth Stokes
July 06, 2018 - 1:42 pm

Read the Governor's veto message to the General Assembly here.

Budget Wins

  • Santee Cooper Study Committee
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • School Resource Officer Funding
  • Opioid Crisis Emergency Response Funding
  • School District Consolidation of Services
  • School Bus Leasing
  • K-12 Workforce Grants for Technical Schools and Businesses
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment
  • Shrinking State Government Real Estate Footprint
  • Corrections: Retention Raises for Officers
  • Corrections Hiring Additional Officers
  • Corrections: Security Upgrades
  • SLED Forensics Lab
  • Highway Patrol Overtime Pay
  • State Ethics Commission Enforcement
  • “Call Me MISTER” Teacher Recruitment
  • Children’s Advocacy Medical Response System
  • Conservation Bank Grants


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