McMaster on House Judiciary Passing Sanctuary City Proposal

Final vote was 13-9

Ed Jenson
March 20, 2018 - 9:44 pm

Governor Henry McMaster Tuesday released the following statement in response to the House Judiciary Committee passing his and Rep. Bruce Bannister's proposal to ban sanctuary cities in South Carolina with a 13-9 vote:

"Today, thirteen members of the House Judiciary committee showed their commitment to law and order by passing my proposal to ensure there will never be a sanctuary city in South Carolina. This is the kind of forward-thinking leadership we need to expand on the recent success we've seen in our state, and this vote sends a message to the world that, in South Carolina, we don't wait for something to become a problem before we deal with it."

The members who voted to pass the proposal are as follows: Chairman Greg Delleney, the bill's sponsor, Rep. Bruce Bannister, Rep. Sylleste Davis, Rep. Eddie Tallon, Rep. Chris Murphy, Rep. John McCravy, Rep. Jeff Bradley, Rep. Russell Fry, Rep. Samuel Rivers, Rep. Peter McCoy, Rep. Weston Newton, Rep. Jeff Johnson, and Rep. Dennis Moss.

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