McMaster's Address

Focuses on education

Evan Smith
January 09, 2019 - 2:48 pm

Education was first and foremost in Gov. Henry McMaster’s inaugural address, and for good reason.

Back in 2017, the Palmetto state ranked dead last in the education category in US News and World Report’s ranking of all 50 states.

Just this year, it was revealed that fourth grade math and reading scores are down, with South Carolina students placing 47th in the nation on the reading section specifically, having just been upped by Mississippi. Eighth grade achievement is also stagnant.

McMaster vowed to work on improving the South Carolina education system in his inauguration speech, saying an under-taught future workforce will eventually drag down the state's economy.

“Our state will never excel and succeed to its fullest potential,” he promised, “if parts of our state are flat or not performing.”

McMaster said continuing the state's economic growth will require investing in rural areas, especially schools.

“Being perceived as weak in education is not good but being perceived as not committing to fixing it is disastrous,” he declared.

The governor also pushed to lower the state's top marginal income tax and improve how it can prevent or respond to flood dangers.


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