Michelin Donates Tires to GCSO

Donated to Emergency Response Team

Seth Stokes
June 04, 2018 - 9:27 am

In January of this year, Greenville County Investigators initiated an investigation into a burglary that involved the theft of four Michelin Tweel UTV tires, which are valued around $3,000. On May 22nd, Investigators were able to successfully recover the tires and return them to their rightful owner, a Michelin Employee.

At the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office we foster a passionate culture of community service. Whether it’s bringing criminals to justice, saving lives, or recovering property, the employees at the Sheriff’s Office carry out their duties for the purpose of serving others; never seeking recognition or reward.

It came unexpectedly on May 23rd, when the GCSO was informed of Michelin’s intent to donate a set of Tweel UTV tires to the ERT team. These tires will be used on the Greenville County Emergency Response Team’s Polaris UTV which plays a vital role in various duties including search and rescue efforts.

In response to Michelin’s donation, Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown expressed the following sentiment:

“We are honored to have a great working relationship with our friends at Michelin, and are extremely grateful for their generosity. By them going out of their way to recognize the great work displayed by the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, it speaks volumes about the character of their organization.”

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