Miracle Hill Accepting Catholics

But gay foster parents still not allowed

Evan Smith
July 11, 2019 - 5:00 pm

Miracle Hill Ministries, with which many in the area are familiar, is an evangelical Protestant foster care provider that has, according to its policy, not worked with potential foster parents or volunteers who don’t follow its doctrine of faith.

This policy was allowed through a special faith-based exemption granted by Governor Henry McMaster.

Now, following two lawsuits, Miracle Hill has announced that it will work with families of Catholic or Orthodox faith who agree with the agency’s doctrinal statement, according to Miracle Hill’s President and CEO Reid Lehman.

Lehman said he didn’t want the agency to be “drawn into a label fight against other branches of Christianity” and that he was “grieved” that the stance has been viewed as a “dispute between followers of Christ.”

Those aforementioned lawsuits, both of which were filed independent of one another, were in regard to Miracle Hill rejecting a potential Catholic foster parent and a potential Catholic volunteer due to their religious denomination.

Still, the new announcement made no comment on another lawsuit filed against Miracle Hill and the state of South Carolina by a married lesbian couple who sought to foster children through Miracle Hill.

That couple deemed the religious exemption granted by McMaster “discrimination” and questioned its Constitutionality.

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