Moms Clean Air Force Talks Air Quality

Against Rolling Back Clean Air Standards

Seth Stokes
December 13, 2017 - 3:23 pm

Shakeila James of Moms Clean Air Force, along with Rev. Michael Malcom of South Carolina Interfaith Power and Light and Greenville Technical Charter High School student body president Sophie Finnell, spoke publicly in hopes to persuade Greenville citizens to fight back against the federal government's consideration of lessening the clean air standards. 

They used the phrase "Cleaner Cars. Cleaner Air."

Shakeila James says that her son's struggles with asthma are the catalyst for her wanting to continue with the standards that were set in 2012.

Here is an excerpt from their press release regarding Wednesday's press conference:

"America’s clean car standards, which were finalized in 2012, help ensure that cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are more fuel-efficient, saving drivers money every trip to the gas station. The standards could also create 11,500 jobs for South Carolina. Cleaner, more efficient vehicles also reduce air pollution and combat climate change – helping to prevent harmful health impacts like asthma attacks triggered by dirty air."

The claim of the standards possibly creating 11,500 jobs intrigued me. So I asked James about this figure. She didn't have the answers and instead turned to Rev. Malcom to address my question on where the jobs would come from and if the standards are currently in place now, why do those 11,500 jobs not exist currently. 

His response only contradicted the number said in the release. He claimed that it would create "9,000" jobs and that he would have to "research" where they would come from and get the specifics. You can see his response at the 14:20 mark in the video below.

Why even make a claim of a certain number of jobs if you aren't prepared to answer questions about it? 

I'm not saying they are right or wrong, but don't just throw a hot phrase like "creating jobs" to garner support unless you can back up those claims. 

Cost at the pump is another reason stated as to why they want the current clean air standards to remain. 

Here is the entire press conference:


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