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More $ for Greenlink

City adds $400k more

May 14, 2019 - 8:51 am

City Allocates Additional Funding to Transit 

Greenville's City Council voted to appropriate $425,021 in the General Fund for Greenlink at yesterday's formal City Council meeting.  That brings the City's portion of funding for mass transit to $4,187,904 this year.  That figure includes contributed services.

Part of the funding will go toward the local match for Greenlink’s application to the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or No Emissions (Low-No) grant program for four additional Proterra electric buses and charging infrastructure. The remaining funds will be used to improve bus stops serving Prisma Health facilities in Greenville, which could include installing covered stops, improving ADA accessibility and adding additional sidewalk/crosswalk infrastructure.

Greenlink's new electric Proterra buses
Image: Proterra
The appropriation is the City’s FY2019 funding from Greenville Health Authority (GHA), whose commitment for annual contributions continues for 34 years. In addition to appropriating the FY2019 funding for transit, City Council expressed its intent to continue utilizing the GHA funding to support Greenlink operations in next year's budget and beyond.  For the upcoming fiscal year, Greenville's total cash contributions to Greenlink will be jsut over $1,200,000.  

With $606,000 in local match commitments and 63 letters of support from the community, Greenlink is requesting nearly $3.5 million from the Federal Transit Administration to purchase four 35-foot electric buses and their charging equipment. (Those buses are built by Protera here in Greenville County.) In 2017, Greenville Transit Authority received a $1.45 million Low-No grant, which was used to purchase two of Greenlink’s four new 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 electric buses. Greenlink expects to deploy the new 40-foot buses next month. 

Greenlink’s has plans to improve the transit system in phases including extending service hours to 11:30pm and doubling service frequency from 60-minute to 30-minute service.  In order to do both of those plans, Greenlink officials say they will need additional buses.

Greenville Transit Authority and the City also have a shared vision of a transit system that runs entirely on electricity.

“This additional funding will support Greenlink’s efforts to implement the recommendations of the Transit Development Plan by improving the frequency of service and thereby increasing access to healthcare in the Greenville area,” said Mayor Knox White. “The new electric zero-emission vehicles will also help make the air healthier for our community and move Greenlink another step closer to making the vision of a fully electric fleet a reality.”

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