More Money For Election Security

Some voting machines to be replaced

South Carolina Radio Network
May 14, 2018 - 11:23 am


The state is getting federal money to upgrade its election security, but more money is needed to make the changes state election officials say should be done.

The State newspaper reports that the South Carolina Election Commission is getting a $6 million grant from the federal government to improve election security before the fall election.

Some of the state’s voting machines will be replaced as well.  The grant money combined with state funds gives the state $11 million total to spend on updating the voting machines.

State election officials estimate the cost of replacing the more than 13,000 machines statewide could reach $50 million. The current machines in use are 14-years-old.

Some of the federal money will go toward improving security on election-related computer systems, the state’s voter-registration rolls, and on training for personnel.

Since the 2016 election securing voter data has been a concern. That’s when the state recorded 150,000 attempts to breach its voter-registration system on Election Day. Those were among several attempts to hack voting systems reported before the national election.

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