Mother Sues Foster Agency

Kicked Out for Being Catholic

Evan Smith
February 15, 2019 - 3:40 pm

A Catholic mother from Simpsonville is alleging that the federally funded South Carolina foster agency Miracle Hill Ministries abruptly stopped working with her, disallowing her to foster any children in the future, all because she was “not the right kind of Christin.”

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Aimee Madonna says Miracle Hill is unconstitutionally discriminating against non-Protestants.

Miracle Hill previously came under fire for denying services to same-sex couples and non-Christian families, although Gov. McMaster requested a waiver exempting the state from an Obama-era regulation preventing publicly licensed funded foster care agencies from serving specific religion.

That waiver, by the way, was granted last month.

But given that Madonna is Christian herself, this lawsuit could prove problematic for Miracle Hill, as the aforementioned waiver will now face a different kind of legal challenge.

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