Mother Threw Infant Down Ravine

Infant somehow unscathed

Evan Smith
May 10, 2019 - 3:30 pm

Police say an Ashville woman faked the kidnapping of her and her infant daughter, and then she attempted to murder her daughter by throwing her down a ravine.

A 911 call was made reporting a kidnapping in the area around where 35-year-old Krista Noelle Madden lived.

It’s unclear who made that initial call, which informed police of a kidnapping of Madden and her daughter by two possible suspects, a man and a woman who were both wearing ski masks.

But now police say Madden acted alone.

While searching for her and her baby, police found Madden’s car abandoned by Grant Mountain and later found Madden herself was found near Barnwell Baptist Church.

It was three and a half hours after the kidnapping was initially reported that the baby was found – amazingly alive, despite being thrown more than 70 feet down that ravine.  

The baby is doing okay now, fortunately, with just a few bruises.

Police say the infant was found wearing a onesie that read, of all things, “I Love My Mommy.”

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