Moving Toward a Plastics Ban?

Nation-wide, the issue gains traction

Evan Smith
March 19, 2019 - 3:48 pm

Just since the start of 2019, places like Charleston County here in South Carolina has begun considering what a total plastic ban might look like.

Back in January Charleston County asked its lawyer to draft an ordinance for a county-wise ban on plastic bags, although county officials noted they had little clue how it would impact businesses.

In the statehouse, lawmakers were actually considering a totally opposing idea: to ban plastics bans – essentially making it illegal for towns and cities to forgo plastic unless under a state-wide directive.

Lawmakers who spoke in favor of that pro-plastic initiative might have done well to bring their own bottles of water with them to work, however, for a recent study from the Citadel found high levels of micro plastics in the drinking fountain water there at the statehouse.

Elsewhere across the country, in Hawaii, lawmakers are considering an outright ban on plastics.

But as Fox’s Jessica Rosenth noted, businesses there aren’t happy.

“The Hawaii restaurant association says lawmakers are trying to do too much too quickly,” Rosenth reported. “Some restaurant owners say this will absolutely increase their costs. The president of Island Plastic Bags says they wouldn’t be able to sell plastic bags to nursing homes and hospitals, and that that could create a public health crisis. One of the bill’s supporters, Senator Mike Gabbard, says there are still some logistics to work through here.”

Which seems to be the key takeaway:

For now, the matter remains up for deliberation, but it’s still far from settled.   

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