New federal courthouse coming to Greenville

Image: HBRA Architects

New Federal Courthouse

No more brick

February 15, 2019 - 10:24 am

Federal Courthouse Greenville
Image: GSA
There's been a change in the design for the new federal courthouse that's going to be built in downtown Greenville.  The brick on the outside is gone. 

At least that's what the renderings show from HBRA Architects, the firm in charge of the design. They were released yesterday (Thursday) by the General Services Administration.

Because this is a federal government building, Greenville's Design Review Board doesn't have a say in what the building will look like. 

Federal Courthouse Greenville
Image: GSA

Although there has been talk of a new federal courthouse in Greenville since the late 1990's and initial funding approved way back in 2004, it looks as if construction will finally start in April with a groundbreaking.  The 10 story building will be located in an area bordered by East North Street, North Irvine Street, East Coffee Street and North Spring Street.  It will be named after former SC Governor Carroll A. Campbell Jr.

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, just shy of  $94 million has been set aside for site preparation, design and construction if the new courthouse which will include seven courtrooms, nine chambers for 9 judges (three active district, three seniors, one visiting, and two magistrate,) and tenants including the U.S. Probation, Federal Public Defender, and Department of Justice (U.S. Marshals Service and Office of the U.S. Attorney.)

Once this 193,000 square foot building is complete, the current C.F. Haynsworth Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse will be used for other federal agencies which are in leased space elsewhere in Greenville and for the Court of Appeals and Bankruptcy Court. 

Follow progress of the courthouse from the GSA's website.


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