New Leader at Ed Group

Former leader "confident" about his replacement

Evan Smith
June 19, 2019 - 3:39 pm

A local education advocacy group has a new leader.

Public Education Partners is a non-profit education advocacy group based here in Greenville that works with Greenville County Schools on mentoring programs, grants, and other work that aims to assist educators and the work they do.

Now the group has just announced an interim president and CEO to replace its former leader, Ansel Sanders, who is stepping down after accepting a job in Virginia.

The new president and CEO is Angel Whaley, who was previously the vice president of advancement.

The retiring Sanders said he’s confident in Whaley and that she’ll have a great team in place, with a lot of community support to boot.

“So it makes me feel good about the health of the organization and the position and direction of the organization,” he added.

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