New Release Of JFK Files Won't Change Minds

Conspiracy theorists have new fodder

Patrick Gentry
October 28, 2017 - 3:13 pm

University of South Carolina history professor Kent Germany said that many individuals and organized JFK interest groups will scour through the documents.

“There are a lots of Kennedy assassination people and folks who have a deep interest in it,” he said. “Ones who are going to go systematically through it,.”

Germany said, if there is a bombshell in the files, someone will find it. “There will be enough eyes going through them, we would know fairly soon if there was something notable,” Germany said.

But no matter what is in the documents. Germany said it will not change the minds of many who believe that there was an organized plot behind the assassination beyond the arrested suspect Lee Harvey Oswald. “We’re a nation of conspiracy theorists and so I don’t see that going away,” he said.

Likely spurring conspiracy theorist claims is the fact that President Trump announced late Thursday he would only authorize a partial release at the request of national security agencies. He said the White House will review the remaining documents over the next six months. The release meets a 25-year legal deadline.

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