New Residents at Furman Solar Farm

Sheep to mow the grass

Ken Pauli
June 24, 2018 - 5:00 am



The next time you drive past Furman University’s solar farm off Poinsett Highway, don’t be surprised when you see some new residents.  12 St. Croix sheep are now calling the solar farm home. 

The idea is to lower the mowing costs associated with cutting the grass and weeds that grow under the nearly 3,000 panels that take up six acres of property. 

Furman Solar Steve Wood Sheep Farmer
courtesy Furman University

Furman is partnering with local sheep owner, Steve Wood, to house 4 ewes and eight lambs.  They’re experimenting right now to see just how many animals they need to handle the grass and how to get them to eat the grass in hardest to reach areas, under the panels.

By the way, goats were ruled out because they might damage the panels by jumping on them.  

See Furman's complete press release.



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