New Traffic Alignment for 385 NB

Change will be made Wednesday

Ed Jenson
December 10, 2017 - 8:51 pm

Major progress is being made on the I-85/385 Gateway Project, resulting in another temporary alignment for I-385 NB traffic. 

Drivers will be asked to pay close attention on Wednesday morning as they travel along 385 NB. 

Motorists will be re-directed along a new alignment as they work their way towards Roper Mountain Road and downtown Greenville. 

Once you make your way past Butler Roads you will continue under the Woodruff Road bridge and under the new bridge towards downtown. You will be taken off of I-385 NB as you now know it!

As drivers work their way towards I-85, travel lanes will gradually shift back to the original alignment across the I-85 bridges.

This is a significant change to the old traffic pattern and motorists are asked to pay close attention to new signage, message boards and traffic control devices that will assist them through this area.

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