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Have you tried alcoholic seltzer?

Evan Smith
October 16, 2019 - 4:24 pm

It's the new trend in drinking habits that has swept the nation: hard seltzer.

Otherwise known as spiked seltzer, or alcoholic seltzer, the drinks are actually malt liquor infused with carbonation. The taste is similar to any sparkling water with a tinge of sweetness, but because of its lower caloric rate when compared with drinks like beer or wine, and its comparably higher alcohol content, the drink has quickly become a cultural phenomenon.

Here at the 106.3 offices, we’re torn between those who’ve tried it and loved it, and those who thinks it’s just plain gross. There’s also a strong middle ground group that hasn’t yet tried the stuff.

So we wanted to ask you all if the trend is legitimate or not.

Have you tried alcoholic seltzer?

Let us know!

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