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Was Trump wrong to use the word "lynching"?

Evan Smith
October 23, 2019 - 3:08 pm

President Trump earlier this week said in a tweet that the impeachment inquiry against him was a “lynching.”

The reaction from both sides of the aisle was certainly not positive. Democrats blasted Trump for what they said was a racially insensitive and historically ignorant statement, while Republicans expressed that they would not have used such a word.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, however, stood behind the president, agreeing that the impeachment process was “a lynching in every way.”

It should be noted that Joe Biden himself used the term "lynching" back in the 1990s when describing the Clinton impeachment process.

A lynching is by definition when a mob of people kills a person without a trial, usually by hanging them with a rope. Historically black Americans were the target of lynchings, with hundreds of black men lynched in South Carolina alone. The last known lynching in the Palmetto State was in 1947.

So what do you think?

Was President Trump wrong to use the word “lynching”?

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