City Council: Awards and Transportation

Heavy Discussion Around the Downtown Transportation Master Plan

Matthew Causey
February 25, 2020 - 8:50 am
Thrive Upstate presented the city with the 2019 Silver Palmetto Award

Monday night’s City Council meeting was filled with awards and biking discussions.

A middle school lego robotics team was recognized at the beginning of the meeting for their project, an app to help disabled individuals navigate Greenville. (Click here for more on this story.)

Thrive Upstate then presented the city with the 2019 Silver Palmetto Award for the city’s work to make the lives of those with disabilities easier in Greenville.

The main event of Monday night’s meeting was the heavy discussion about bike paths and sharrows in the Downtown Transportation Master Plan guideline.

The 400-page Downtown Transportation Master Plan guideline was released for the public to see on Saturday and was voted on at Monday night's City Council meeting.

In the short time since its release, many concerned citizens read and spoke against some aspects of guideline, most notably in relation to bike paths and sharrows.

The guideline mentioned the use of sharrows in several places, which many citizens that enjoy biking and commute daily via bicycle were heavily against.

What is a sharrow? When driving, you may see some lanes that have a symbol of a bicycle and an arrow. Those are sharrows, and they operate right alongside the vehicle traffic.

Citizens at the council meeting noted how unsafe this felt along with several examples of studies that showed the ineffectiveness of this type of biking lane.

Council members shared in the concerns, favoring protected bike paths and bike lanes instead.

After some discussion, the guideline was passed excluding all mention of the use of sharrows.

The 400-page proposal was only for a guideline rather than a set plan, but it will be referred back to when creating transportation plans to propose to the city council going forward.

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