City Council Recognizes Students for App

Students Developing App to Help the Disabled Navigate Greenville

Matthew Causey
February 25, 2020 - 9:20 am
City Council recognizes middle school lego robotics team for their app

A middle school lego robotics team was recognized at Monday night's City Council meeting for their project, creating an app to help guide people in wheelchairs around the city.

The lego robotics team from mostly Greenville middle with one student from Eastside made it to the state-wide stage of the national competition in large part for their project.

The theme for the year was city planning, and the team came up with an idea for an app to help those with disabilities navigate around Greenville.

“Wheelbility is a website that we’re currently trying to make into an app that helps individuals who are confined to a wheelchair get into buildings around Greenville,” said team member Charlie Ratterree.

The app is meant to rate locations on factors like building and parking accessibility as well as help people navigate some of those buildings.

The project currently covers a couple Greenville locations on a website the students created.

Another team member, Daniel Hwang, said that the team is working to add more locations, focusing on places that ARE handicap accessible so that people using the app don't have to filter through locations that they might not even be able to access.

“We’re working with Mike Jank, the ADA coordinator, to figure out what else we should add and how we can make it into an actual app that people would use on their day-to-day lives,” Hwang said.

The team, named The Great Mighty Achilles, was competing at the state-level of the robotics competition for the Global Innovation Award. And while they didn't win, their work made an impact.

They were recognized at Monday night's City Council meeting and will hopefully help people in Greenville as their app is developed further.

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