Clemson Police Monitoring Social Media

Searching for possible threats

Evan Smith
August 29, 2019 - 2:27 pm

Extra precautions have been put in place in the lead up to the first Clemson game of the season.

Clemson University Police Chief Greg Mullen has announced that the department will be monitoring social media before, during and in the immediate aftermath of each game this season.

They’ll be looking for any threats made, given recent high profile mass shootings across the country.

Chief Mullen says the department will be assisted by students studying in the communications curriculum at Clemson.

They’ll also have a software algorithm that will be screening comments and messages as they happen. In addition, as usual there will be old fashioned physical lookouts and undercover officers on site at all seven home games this season.

The increased monitoring is in line with other university police departments nationwide.

In addition to the increased monitoring, the stadium is also implementing new metal detectors. The new detectors, which have been touted as the best in the industry, were first tested out last year as a part of a pilot program. Now they’re in full use at all entrances around the stadium.

Other new changes this season: the gates will open 30 minutes earlier to encourage tailgaters to head on in a little earlier. With about 80,000 people expected to show up, they also hope it’ll ease traffic a little bit by giving people more time to file on in.

The game starts at 8pm.

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