Council To Hold Major Vote

Convention center on docket

Evan Smith
October 15, 2019 - 4:20 pm

Tonight Greenville County Council will vote on whether or not to support the city’s new convention center project, which comes with a price tag of $26 million.

It was only two weeks prior that the council voted down the investment, but Chairman Butch Kirven said tonight’s vote might turn out differently.

Chief among the concerns expressed by councilmembers was the city’s withholding of approval on the County Square project, which you may recall is a $1 billion plan to redevelop the entire area in and around University Ridge.

That project will usher in a full makeover of the spot, including expensive housing, super expensive high rise apartments, and all the accommodations like coffee shops and upscale shopping you might expect to coalesce around such ritzy clientele.

Even still, Mayor Knox White has expressed the importance of adding affordable housing to that project, although Kirven said that wasn’t in the budget, before opting to spend about $2 million of county dollars over the next half decade to build more affordable housing near County Square, as a compromise.

We’ll let you know tomorrow how the vote turned out.

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